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It’s Still True

Our favorite haunt

Sitting in bed overlooking 6th from the fourth floor of my apartment building I’m determined to begin the Proustian exercise of recherch(ing) temps perdu (sans pneumonia and, of course, the cork lining).  It has been almost two months since I returned from Korea and yet the memory of it still looms very large in my mind.  Perhaps it’s the extra five pounds which I managed to gain (let’s be honest aggressively pursued, damn ramen) or the fact that Korean fashion has penetrated my wardrobe to such an extent that even now as I write these words I’m wearing my black nylon drop crotch pants, lovingly extended to me as part of my racing kit for the Korean marathon I declined to run (inclement weather conditions, read: negative 7 degrees centigrade).  And now that The Piz is back in his proper place, strong-arming my thigh with all four legs and sleeping soundly, it seems as good a time as any to begin sorting through the dizzying melee that was Korea. Continue reading